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TylerAM Business Cards

Personal. 2012 - Present.

My personal business cards as a graphic designer. Collect them all!

TylerAM Cards 1-5
TylerAM card front and reverse

In my childhood, I collected any and all tradeable cards. My aim in 2012 was to create unique business cards that people can trade, collect, and treasure to a degree past the typical calling card.

Making their debut at the Full Sail University April 2012 Graduate Showcase, each series features a limited printing of 400 cards: 80 of each character. They were a smash hit!

TylerAM Cards 6-10
TylerAM Collectible Business Cards

In each series, I try for a diversity wide enough that any one person can find a favorite character from five uniquely original options.

The cards are a fusion of illustration and design, reflecting my personal style and adhering to my brand colors.

TylerAM Set 1

Series 1 (May 2012).
Cards 1-5.
Limited printing—400 pc.

TylerAM Set 2

Series 2 (May 2013).
Cards 6-10.
Limited printing—400 pc.

TylerAM Cards process
TylerAM cards mailed!