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SKRILLEX: Student Rebrand

Student case study of musician Sonny Moore, AKA Skrillex, if he made minimalist electronic music.

Skrillex is a musician who is notorious for creating harsh-sounding electronic music with album art featuring blaring, high color contrast. In this project, I explored an alternate reality where Skrillex produced minimal, ambient music. I challenged myself to design album packaging which visually communicated polar opposite sound. This project is not officially affiliated with Skrillex.

TylerAM skrillex cd casing
TylerAM skrillex disc
TylerAM skrillex open casing
TylerAM skrillex poster

TylerAM skrillex cover 1
TylerAM skrillex cover 2
TylerAM skrillex cover 3
TylerAM skrillex cover 4

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