TylerAM / Graphic Design

Skrillex Re-brand

Student Work, Case Study. 2012.

Re-branding assignment for musician Sonny Moore, AKA Skrillex, if he made minimalist electronic music.

We all know Skrillex. If you don't, he's a musician who is notorious for creating harsh-sounding electronic music with album art featuring blaring, high color contrast. In this project, I explored an alternate reality where Skrillex produced minimal, softer music. I challenged myself to design album packaging which communicated this different sound.

TylerAM skrillex cd casing
TylerAM skrillex disc
TylerAM skrillex open casing
TylerAM skrillex cover 1
TylerAM skrillex cover 2
TylerAM skrillex cover 3
TylerAM skrillex cover 4
TylerAM skrillex tour poster