TylerAM / Graphic Design

NFHS Playbills

Client Work. 2013-2016.

Playbill production for yearly New Fairfield High School play productions.

As an alumni of New Fairfield High School, it was a pleasure to work with familiar faces when creating playbills for their school plays as some of my first client work after graduating college. The playbills weighed in up to 48 pages including cover. In each booklet, I researched and designed around the theme of the play to fully immerse the audience. These are playbills that they saved after the play. Read on to see playbills I created, and why I was re-hired three times!

NFHS Playbill Chitty Chitty Bang Bang cover
NFHS Playbill Annie Get Your Gun cover
NFHS Playbill Young Frankenstein cover

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (2016)

Annie Get Your Gun (2015)

Young Frankenstein (2014)

NFHS Playbill annie cover detail
NFHS Playbill annie interior
NFHS Playbill young frankenstein covers
NFHS Playbill young frankenstein interior