TylerAM / Illustration

Computer Magical

Self-initiated client work. 2012.

Danielle “Danz” Johnson (AKA Computer Magic) floating alongside planetary friends.

I always listen to Danielle's music when I'm drawing and designing, so I made a drawing for her. An impossibly big drawing that I vectored and screenprinted and gave to her at one of her NYC shows in 2012. Since then, I've become good friends with Danielle—motivation pays off!

Computer Magical poster
Computer Magical poster detail 1
Computer Magical poster detail 2
Computer Magical screenprinted
Computer Magical screenprinted detail 1
Computer Magical screenprinted detail 2
Computer Magical business card

“Computer Magical” also made it into
Series 2 of my Collectible Business Cards.
Radical, Danz!