TylerAM / Bio & Contact

I'm TylerAM!

So, I'm an NYC-based graphic designer who loves helping people. I'm split down the middle between web design (websites and web apps) and print design (anything printed: paper to fabrics).

In short, design is expansive and I want to branch out as far as I can go.

I also love picture books and comics. I manage the webcomic collective No Such Comics.

Q: Can I Hire You?

Absolutely, I enjoy freelance!
Due to my current workload managing No Such Comics, I can only take on smaller projects such as a logo or cover. If you've got a pitch for an idea you're proud of, I'd love to hear about it.

Q: Where Do I Hire You?

Tyler A. Maron can be reached here—

EMAIL: TAM@TylerAM.com

RÉSUMÉ: Click here!

RÉSUMÉ: Press here!

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Note: while the user “TylerAM” on Reddit does have great taste in music, that is not me.

TylerAM - it's me!